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Antarctic Peninsula at the Antarctic Ocean

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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Mary Spierling
  • Date Submitted: 1/2003
  • Location: Antarctic Peninsula, Curtiss Cove, Errera Channel, Paradise Bay and Whalers' Bay
  • Class: 1-4
  • Distance Paddled: each paddle was approximately 4 miles
  • Water: salt
  • Wildlife: Penguins, Sea Lions, Seals, various whales, birds
  • Special Regulations: none known

Entry & Exit

  • Directions: Kayaking in the Antarctica is done through the expedition. Some Antarctica expeditions offer kayaking, some do not. I chose Peregrine Adventures since they offered both kayaking ($375 additional) and regular short expeditions via zodiac boat.
  • Fee: See above
  • Description: Since we were based on the Peregrine Marine expedition vessel, our entrance and exit from the kayaks was done while in the zodiac boats in the water after we left the ship. Surprisingly, going from the zodiac into a single or double kayak was not so difficult.
  • Parking: none :-)
  • Facilities: On vessel

What We Saw

Kayaking in the Antarctica is quite different from the Texas Gulf Coast kayaking I do living in Houston. Wearing a neoprene skull cap, pogies attached to the paddle and 2 thermal layers under a drysuit were appreciated due to the 20-degree or less (with cold katabatic winds) temperature and subfreezing ocean.

The scenery around the huge icebergs and islands was stunning with penguins swimming around us.

At times the water was smooth as glass and other times there were strong swells. Antarctica weather changes at the drop of a hat so all kayak expeditions were planned after the ship anchored in the area.