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Chris Green Lake North of Charlottesville Virginia
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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Al Vazquez,
  • Date Submitted: 7/2001
  • Location: just north Charlottesville, Virginia near the airport
  • Class: Typically flat water lake
  • Distance Paddled: about 3 miles in circumference
  • Water Level: typically not affected by low water drought conditions elsewhere
  • Water: fresh
  • Wildlife: beautiful small mouth bass, great blue heron, turtles
  • Special Regulations:

Entry and Exit

  • Directions: Take Route 29 north from Charlottesville. Take a left (west) onto Airport Road and follow it until it ends at the airport. Turn right and follow the road about 1/2 mile. Take a left at the sign for Chris Green Lake and follow the signs to the boat ramp and fishing pier.
  • Fee: none
  • Description: concrete ramp with adjacent handicap boarding platform (see below)
  • Parking: adjacent paved
  • Facilities: restroom, picnic tables, swimming area, fishing pier, boat rentals
  • Handicap Access: paved ramp, handicap boarding platform (see below) and accessible restroom

What We Saw

Chris Green is a relaxing, pretty lake with a few nice coves to explore and great small mouth bass fishing.

We headed from the entry point and circumnavigated the lake clockwise, exploring the shoreline and several coves. Some of the forested shorelines enter the lake steeply.

It was a beautiful week day afternoon and there were few people at the park. We were the only boats on the lake. But I understand weekends can get busier.

Fishing for small mouth was excellent in the first large cove leading to our left after passing the beach area.

Another pretty cove is at the far end of the lake. We found the creeks feeding the coves closed with livestock fences, so we didn't proceed beyond that point.

We enjoyed this pretty little lake just outside Charlottesville.