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The Closewaters Principles

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Old Santee Canal near Charleston, South Carolina USA
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The CloseWaters Principles

  • Plan and prepare well. Know what to expect.
  • Leave an itinerary with someone on shore.
  • Take adequate supplies.
  • Ensure equipment is in good order before the trip.
  • Know how to operate equipment before the trip.
  • Wear personal flotation devices.
  • Wear protection against cold water, weather, sun and insects.
  • Take communication equipment able to contact each other and outside help on land.
  • Take trash containers. Leave nothing that wasn't already there.
  • Remove at least one item of trash from waters or shores.
  • Respect property rights of others.
  • Avoid disturbing wildlife or other boaters. Don't feed wildlife.
  • Greet people.
  • Be active to protect waterways from harm. is a part of Closewaters LLC