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Edenton, North Carolina, USA

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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Kathy Wisniewski
  • Date Submitted: 9/2001
  • Location: Edenton, North Carolina, USA on the north side of the Albemarle Sound
  • Class: 1, with wind driven waves on the sound
  • Distance Paddled: waterfront area is about 1 mile long. Queen Anne's Creek starts on the east side of town between South Oakum Street and Hayes Farm Road and can be paddled another mile or so to the north east.
  • Water Level: tidal
  • Water: fresh, clear, rainwater fed
  • Wildlife: eagles, turtles, bass, perch, seagulls, many other birds, bald cypress trees
  • Special Regulations:

Entry and Exit

  • Directions: Take US Route 17 to the north side of the Albemarle Sound. Exit onto Business 17 south east. Take a right (south) onto South Moseley Street to the waterfront. Take a left (east) onto Blount Street along the waterfront to the dock.
  • Fee: none
  • Description: paved boat ramp and/or dock
  • Parking: adjacent paved parking
  • Facilities: inns, shops, restaurants
  • Handicap Access:

What We Saw

If you've never been to Edenton, NC, you should go just for the experience of kayaking up to the waterfront dock and getting out to have lunch. Edenton is a beautiful little historic town, with a pretty little water front park.

Edenton it rich with history as it was the first permanent settlement in North Carolina. It was incorporated in 1715 as The Towne on Queen Anne's Creek (the creek just to the east of town). In 1722, it was named Edenton after Governor Charles Eden and in 1728 it became the the capital of the North Carolina colony.

We stayed at the Trestle House Inn. The owner (Peter) is very knowledgeable about local places to paddle and can recommend great places to go. You can put in right behind the Bed and Breakfast inn and paddle through canals and the Albemarle Sound to get to downtown Edenton. Peter makes a great breakfast and has some killer hot sauce for you to try.

An easy drive from Edenton is Pettigrew State Park, with Lake Phelps as another kayaking destination (there is a nice campground if you prefer to camp).