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Oleta River, North Miami Beach, Florida, USA
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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Al Vazquez,
  • Date Submitted: 8/2001
  • Location: North Miami Beach, just south of Hallandale and Hollywood Beach
  • Class: Typically flat water tidal area that can be affected considerably by wind
  • Distance Paddled: You can paddle as much as you want. Haulover inlet to the ocean is about 2 miles south.
  • Water Level: typically not affected by low water drought conditions elsewhere
  • Water: salt
  • Wildlife: abundant saltwater fish, crabs, sea birds
  • Special Regulations: swimming only in designated areas, no alcohol in park, no music from DJ's, bands, or kaariokee

Entry and Exit

  • Directions: Exit I-95 onto Route 826 east. Proceed about 4 miles on 826 to the entrance to the park on the south side of the road. The designated put in is straight down the road (south) on the right hand (west) side just before the large parking area.
  • Fee: $4 per vehicle with up to 8 occupants, $1 for each additional person
  • Description: small beach into mangrove lined channel
  • Parking: adjacent paved
  • Facilities: restrooms, kayak rentals, picnic areas, cabins, concession, swimming beach, single track and double track bike trails, radio controlled off road vehicle area, fishing pier
  • Handicap Access: yes

What We Saw

Oleta State Park is a great put in to cruise the intracoastal basin or even head out into the ocean via the Haulover inlet just to the south.

We headed south (left) from the put in and followed the channel to the outlet shown at left. There are mangrove lined channels cut through the island that connect to that entrance at the south end of the island (see the photos at left and below).

Ask for a current map at the gate as some of these mangrove canals have dead ends or are not passable at low tide.

You can also paddle and land at sandy beaches on nearby islands across the channel from the fishing pier.

Fishing is said to be very good in the area.