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Everglades Florida Bay, Flamingo Florida USA
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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Al Vazquez
  • Date Submitted: 2/2002
  • Location: Flamingo Florida USA
  • Class: tidal bay that can have wind blown waves and some tidal currents
  • Distance Paddled: it's up to you
  • Water Level: tidal, but the channel along the shore has plenty of depth for kayaks
  • Wildlife: mullet, jack, sea trout, osprey, anhinga, ibis, great blue heron
  • Special Regulations: no snorkeling, no boat rinsing, no landing on keys other than Bradley Key (about 1 mile west of the visitor center) during daylight hours

Entry and Exit

  • Directions: In Flamingo at the marina
  • Fee: $10 per vehicle park entrance fee plus $3 for a 7 day non-motorized boat permit
  • Description: cement boat ramps
  • Parking: adjacent paved parking
  • Facilities: restrooms, hot showers for $3, visitors center, restaurant, marina store, souvenir shop, and only one public telephone you might die of old age waiting to use
  • Handicap Access: probably OK, through the ramp can be very slippery

What We Saw

We took the channel out of the marina into the bay and paddled to the left about 1/4 mile staying about 100 feet from the shore along the park employee housing areas. Then we let the tidal current drift us back toward the marina entrance.

During an incoming tide, this area is a good place to catch a variety of fish. We hooked several of what we believe were jacks that towed our kayaks around before politely freeing themselves and escaping.

I used live bait on a weighted hook such as a jig head. You may buy live bait at the marina or use a cast net on the beach behind the lodge.

Most often paddling in Florida Bay at least 50 feet from the shore is relatively free of the mosquitoes and no-see-ums that plague the park during the warmer months.

I took the photo above of the osprey posing on the driftwood at sunrise one morning on the bay.