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Wacissa River, Wacissa Florida, USA

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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Morris Friedman
  • Date Submitted: 3/2002
  • Location: From Blue Hole spring on the Wacissa River near Wacissa, Florida USA
  • Class: 1
  • Distance Paddled:10.6 miles one way
  • Water Level: (spring fed river)
  • Water: fresh, clear
  • Wildlife: Wildlife is abundant along this narrow, fairly swift trail.and includes Ibis, Anhingas, Armadillos, Egrets, Alligators, Turtles, Warblers, Turkey, Wild Hogs and the ever popular snakes of all varieties native to Florida.
  • Special Regulations:


  • Directions: Directions to the head springs boat launch ramp for the Wacissa River: Take hwy 59 exit off I-10 and go South through the town of Wacissa. Stay on Gamble Road straight South after Highway 59 turns off to the right to continue to the head spring boat launch and parking area. Allen the "Canoe Man" ((850-997-6030 or Mobile 850-510-6692 ) is at the head spring launch area on weekends to reserve a canoe or arrange shuttle.
  • GPS: N 30 degrees 20.424’ W 083 degrees 59.456’ (N 30.3404 degrees W 083.9909 degrees)
  • Fee: none
  • Description: dirt bank
  • Parking: unpaved
  • Facilities: none
  • Handicap Access:


  • Directions: Goose Pasture is the only public camp ground on the lower Wacissa River. It is one of the take out points for boat trips from the head spring. From the Wacissa River head spring parking lot, drive north about 3/4 mile and turn left (west) onto Hwy 59 South. Where Hwy 59 ends at Hwy 98, turn left (east) onto Hwy 98 and continue until you cross the Aucilla River. About 2 miles after crossing the Aucilla, at the second paved road off 98, turn left (northeast) onto County Road 680. About 3 miles down the paved road it will turn into a dirt road. Take a left at the first dirt crossroad (Goose Pasture). Continue straight where the road forks and it will terminate at Goose Pasture.
  • GPS: N 30 degrees 12.178’ W 083 degrees 58.169’ (N 30.2030 degrees W 083.9695 degrees)
  • Fee: none
  • Description: dirt bank
  • Parking: unpaved
  • Facilities: The camp ground is free and well maintained, sites are shaded and a portable toilet is conveniently located. Bring your own water or filter and/or boil the river water.
  • Handicap Access:

What We Saw

The Wacissa River is a clear, spring-fed stream. There are numerous tributaries, some of which loop back to the main channel, and some of which melt away into the swamp, which skirts the stream. Dense jungle-like woodlands border the river.

This is a 10.6 mile trip, beginning at the head springs area of the Wacissa Springs Group, and rises broad and clear from 12 first magnitude springs within the first half-mile or so. Blue Hole (entrance shown at left) is the largest and is accessed from river left as the 2nd major tributary after the launch downstream. It flows broad and flat for the first few miles, narrows and splits between islands, then flows broad and grassy to Goose Pasture.

Expect plenty of sun, possible tough paddling if it’s a breezy day, and prepare for a rather long paddle.

The springs area should offer a great place for a swim, so if you like that, don’t forget your trunks, mask & snorkel. There is no place to stand most of the time, so open water rescue skills are required.

Keep an eye on river right for a little dirt road, about 2.5 hours into the trip is a good lunch stop. There is an old dam about halfway - a good swim platform here, but be cautious about private property. I think a swim here is OK, just be sure not to litter or bathroom break on the guys property.