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Al V

Rock Springs Run, Apopka and Longwood Florida, USA
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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Al Vazquez
  • Date Submitted: 9/1999
  • Location: North of Orlando Florida, USA
  • Class: Typically flat water river with slight current
  • Distance Paddled: about 8.5 miles one way
  • Water Level: Artesian creek typically navigable even during drought conditions. However water levels have been declining due to harmful excess consumption of ground water in Florida for irrigation.
  • Water: fresh spring water
  • Wildlife: alligators, Egrets, Herons, Ospreys, Ibis, hardwood hammocks, deer, raccoons
  • Special Regulations: Though the water is public domain, avoid landing on private property around the spring.


Kings Landing
5722 Baptist Camp Road
Apopka, Florida 32712
(407) 886-0859

  • Directions:
    • Route 441 or 436 to Apopka
    • Turn north onto Route 435 (Park Avenue)
      • Proceed about 6-miles until it ends.
    • Turn right onto Kelly Park Road.
      • Proceed about 1/8 mile.
    • Turn left onto Baptist Camp Road.
      • Travel 1 mile to the end.
    • Turn right into the entrance to King's Landing.
  • GPS: N 28 deg 46.026' W 081 deg 30.043'
  • Fee: $10 per boat ramp fee
  • Description: unpaved boat ramps and wood docks
  • Parking: adjacent unpaved parking
  • Facilities: restroom, boat rentals, shuttle service
  • Handicap Access: nothing special


Wekiva Marina (Kings Landing Exit)
1014 Miami Springs Road
Longwood FL 32779

  • Directions:
  • From the put in at Kings Landing
    • Drive back on Baptist Camp Road
    • Turn west (right) onto Kelly Park Road.
    • Turn south (left) onto 435 south (Rock Springs Rd.)
      • Drive about 3.5 miles
    • Turn east (left) onto Welch Road.
      • Drive about 2.4 miles to where it ends
    • Turn north (left) onto Wekiva Springs Road, which will curve to the right.
      • Drive about 1.3 miles
    • Turn north again (left) onto Miami Springs Road to the marina.
  • From Interstate 4
    • Exit onto Route 434 west.
      • Drive about 1 mile.
    • Turn north (right) onto Wekiva Springs Road
      • Drive about 3 miles.
    • Turn north (right) onto Miami Springs Road into the marina.
  • From the water
    • Shortly after Rock Springs Run joins the Wekiva River you'll pass under an old bridge and King's Landing Marina will be on your right. A canal on the right just downstream of the parking area is the takeout point where you can meet the shuttle back to the Entry.
  • Fee: $10 per boat ramp fee paid at Kings Landing
  • Description: carpeted canoe deck shown at right and paved boat ramps just beyond (CAREFUL- these ramps are very, very slippery)
  • Parking: adjacent unpaved parking
  • Facilities: restroom, but there are restaurants nearby
  • Handicap Access: nothing special

What We Saw

Kayaking Rock Springs Run in the fall was stunning. Crystal clear water floated our kayaks through water lilies. Hardwood trees with fall colors reflected on the water. Abundant turtles flashed their yellow bellies as they warmed themselves on logs. And all this paddling is only minutes from the major metropolitan area of Orlando. That's what makes kayaking Florida so outstanding.

Rock Springs Run is one of the most southernmost spring fed streams supplied by Florida's artesian aquifer that extends to the north through the Ocala National Forest and west to the Gulf of Mexico and the panhandle. The artesian water emerges at a constant 72 degrees year round.

Such gorgeous streams that rise from the underground aquifer in Florida have been damaged considerably by the excess consumption of ground water for irrigation of lawns, by lawn fertilizers and chemicals that get washed into the aquifer, and also by lawn clippings that smother life on the bottom. The only solution is to eliminate traditional lawns such as St. Augustine that cause all this harm.

We stopped for lunch at a designated picnic area in the preserve. There were a couple of benches and a rope swing hanging over the stream. Before swimming in any waters with alligators, make sure there are none in the vicinity. And never swim where there have been any recent encounters with alligators or anywhere where alligators might have been fed (a practice dangerous both to alligators and to people).

GPS: N 28 deg 44.422' W 081 deg 28.021'

The run ends at its intersection with the Wekiva River where you'll turn left (downstream) and take out at the Kings Landing marina nearby.