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Blackwater Creek, west of Sanford Florida, USA
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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Elmer Zebley
  • Date Submitted: 4/2002
  • Location: Seminole State Forest 9.5 miles west of Sanford, Florida, USA
  • Class: 1
  • Distance Paddled: 8 miles one way (5 downstream on Blackwater Creek and 3 upstream on the Wekiva River)
  • Water Level: this particular run is typically OK even during low water, though you may encounter a pullover or have to paddle under low logs.
  • Water: fresh
  • Wildlife: Alligators, huge cypress trees, a steady canopy, owls, water snakes, rattlesnakes, butterflies, barred owls and other numerous species of birds, spiders
  • Special Regulations: You'll need to obtain the combination to the lock on the gate to the sand road to the put in inside the Seminole State Forest. Contact:
    Division of Forestry
    Lake Forestry Station
    9610 CR 44
    Leesburg, FL 34788
    (352) 360-6675 or (352) 360-6677


  • Directions:
    • From Sanford, FL, take 46 west
      • Travel 9.5 miles to the bridge over the Wekiva River
      • Cross the bridge
      • Enter the Seminole State Forest on the north side of 46 directly across from Wekiva River Road.
      • Drive to a parking area ( GPS: N 28 deg 49.163 W 081 deg 25.720) and a gate with a combination lock leading to the sand road to the put in (see above).
      • Drive on this sand road about 2.8 miles to the entry on Blackwater Creek on the left side of the road just after crossing the bridge over the creek.
      • Parking at this entry area is limited to only 4 vehicles, so drive all but one vehicle back to park at the Exit.
  • GPS: N 28 deg 51.475' W 081 deg 26.228'
  • Fee: $2 park entry fee
  • Description: dirt beach
  • Parking: adjacent unpaved parking
  • Facilities: picnic table under a nice canopy of trees.
  • Handicap Access: no special accommodation


  • Directions:
    • From the entry, take 46 east to Wekiva Park Road on the north side of Route 46 just west of the Wekiva River Bridge (east of Wekiva River Road about a mile).
    • Follow Wekiva Park Road about 1.5 miles to Wekiva River Haven on the left side of the road.
  • GPS: N 28 deg 50.085' W 081 deg 24.361'
  • Fee: $1 per boat
  • Description: cement boat ramp and small dirt landing
  • Parking: adjacent unpaved
  • Facilities: boat and canoe rentals and semi-clean bathrooms.
  • Handicap Access: no special accommodation

What We Saw

Blackwater Creek is a pristine tannic creek flowing under almost continuous canopy from the put in to the Wekiva River.

We kayaked under beautiful Bromeliad blooms like the one shown at left as well as a number of birds and a few snakes.

Paddling downstream from the put in, we passed under the bridge and immediately entered a cool canopy that lasted most of the 5 miles down Blackwater Creek.

We had to duck to paddle under several low logs across the creek and had to find our way through several narrow passages. But we had no pullovers (where we had to get out of our boats and carry them).

Lunch was on high ground we found along the way on a clearing surrounded by palmetto.

After the first few miles, the height of the canopy became greater as we passed under impressive old growth trees shown at right. It was in this section we also saw a very large owl and a couple of snakes.

When Blackwater Creek ended in the Wekiva River, we turned right to paddle upstream.

GPS: N 28 deg 51.773' W 081 deg 22.824'

We didn't see any alligators until we reached the more open Wekiva river where they could warm themselves in the sunlight.

Though we saw no motor boats kayaking Blackwater Creek, we encountered boats on the Wekiva. And we did enjoy stopping at several sandy beaches along the shore.

On one such stop, we found an almost complete alligator skeleton about 10 yards inland.

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