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Turner River, Everglades, Florida USA
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Our Route Summary
  • Submitted by: Bharata & Valerie, b@yogapeace.com, Yoga & Inner Peace - www.yogapeace.com, 3964 Lake Worth Road, Lake Worth, FL 33461
  • Date Submitted: 4/2004
  • Location: Alligator Alley in the Everglades near Everglades City, FL USA
  • Class: 1
  • Distance Paddled: 4 miles round trip
  • Water Level:
  • Water: fresh
  • Wildlife: alligators, ospreys, fish many birds, mangroves, blooming bromeliads
  • Special Regulations: none
Entry and Exit
  • Directions: Southeast side of the Turner River Bridge on Alligator Alley
  • Fee: none
  • Description: unpaved ramp next to bridge
  • Parking: alongside highway
  • Facilities: none
  • Handicap Access: none
What We SawWe paddled north and south of Alligator Alley.Photos say a thousand words. Mangrove tunnels are amazing!