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Al V

St. Sebastian River, North Prong, Sebastian, Florida USA
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Our Route Summary

  • Submitted by: Rick Follet with photos courtesy of Al Vazquez
  • Date Submitted: 2/2003
  • Location: Sebastian and Roseland, Indian River County, Florida USA
  • Class: Class 1 flatwater with no obstructions, though the first couple of miles are more open water and can have some wind blown waves
  • Distance Paddled: about 7 miles round trip to the canoe landing at the buffer preserve (see below)
  • Water: Brackish to fresh tidal, but we paddled it during low local water conditions with no problem
  • Wildlife: Tiny, fine Epiphytes like the one in the photo above, Manatees and Otters, Gar, Herons, Egrets, Osprey, Kingfisher, Anhinga, Alligator. Venue: Mangrove thickets to pine/oak scrubby flatwoods and marsh
  • Special Regulations: Canoe deck is on St Sebastian River Buffer Preserve which has the following regulations:
    • Plants and animals may not be removed nor harassed (fishing is permitted)
    • No camping or fires at the canoe landing
    • Boats (including canoes) may not be tied up overnight
    • All trash must be packed out
    • Campers must obtain permits for buffer preserve camp sites at 321-953-5004
    • Removal or damage to cultural artifacts is forbidden
    • Alcoholic beverages, hunting, traps, firearms, and pets are prohibited

Entry and Exit

Dale Wimbrow Park
11805 Roseland Road
North Indian River County

  • Directions:
    • From I-95
    • Exit at Country Road 512
      • Drive east about 2 miles to County Road 505 (Roseland Blvd.).
    • Turn left on County Road 505
      • Proceed 4 miles
    • Turn left into Dale Wimbrow Park (north side)


    • From US1
    • Turn west onto County Road 505 in Roseland
    • Dale Wimbrow Park is on the right (north side)


  • GPS: N 27 degrees 48.624' W 80 degrees 30.325'
  • Fee: None
  • Description: grassy mud bank beside concrete ramps
  • Parking: adjacent paved parking
  • Facilities: restrooms (though they were locked at 10 am Sunday morning), playground, picnic tables, pavilion (reservation required), boat ramp, fitness trail, paved parking, fishing access, BBQ grills. There is also a campground (Donald MacDonald Campground) with paved, sheltered put-in and fishing dock approximately 1 mile north of Dale Wimbrow Park on Roseland Rd (CR505). Primitive camping is available at the St Sebastian River Buffer Preserve (Pine Camp) but it's a prohibitive distance from the canoe deck.
  • Security: Relatively secure location
  • Special Handicap Access: paved ramp and accessible restrooms

Where We Paddled and What We Saw

We kayaked downstream (North) from Dale Wimbrow Park. We paddled by mangrove lined banks in a wide part of the river, passing some residential areas on the east shore.

Much of the basin where we stared to kayak was open water with power boat traffic. Power boats are supposed to proceed at idle speed or slow speed because this is a manatee-protected area. Small powerboats are occasionally encountered on the North Prong itself. The North Prong stream twists significantly, so follow the main channel.

After paddling about 1.85 miles, you should be in sight of the railroad bridge shown in the photos above

We turned left at the cut-through shown in the photo at left, heading west along western branch of the St Sebastian River Basin.

GPS: N 27 degrees 49.996' W 80 degrees 30.109'

The shore will have some nice trees and this is the area where manatees may often be seen.

After about 1 mile, take the North Prong of the St. Sebastian River (shown in the photo at right). The grassy banks of the C-54 Canal and dam will be in view to the south of the turn.

GPS: N 27 degrees 50.150' W 80 degrees 31.035'

Proceed about 0.65 mile to the St Sebastian River Buffer Preserve Canoe Deck shown in the photo below.

The river continues past the canoe deck into a number of small but navigable tributaries upstream with somewhat hidden openings if you want to explore further.

Reverse the route to head home.

The canoe deck is not a viable take-out because of steep stairs from the deck landing to the picnic and trail area.

The canoe landing take-out has a picnic table, but no facilities.

So the research you did on Medifast reviews during the week wont help you here but if you planned ahead and brought a packed lunch you could certainly take advantage of the picnic table at this location.

A map of the St. Sebastian River Buffer Preserve is displayed at the site. These trails are a nice break for paddlers. Feral hogs can be seen occasionally in the pine scrub around the canoe deck. And equestrians also frequent the trails of the preserve shown in the photo at left.